I still remember a lesson that my 10th grade history teacher taught before anyone was talking about student-centered or experiential learning. We were fully immersed in a simulation to help us understand the timeless concepts of power, religion, and law while learning about 16th Century Europe.

Let’s Connect the Dots

Understanding is a key ingredient for change. Let’s partner to facilitate change using art, storytelling, and a little humor – I promise the last one is critical for this virtual existence!

Eudcation Consulting

I am excited to bring 15 years of teaching Language Arts & Humanities across multiple grade levels at home and abroad to you and your organization to tackle student engagement, data management, and innovation needs.

Areas of expertise:

  • Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Writing
  • Cross-curricular lessons
  • Best practices & Student centered learning
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Project-based Learning
  • Educational Technology Integration


Educational Technology Integration

Teachers: New & Transitioning

Graphic Facilitation

When words fail, we feel lost. Now more than ever, things can feel impossible understand leaving us to feel stuck.

Aha by Design is a visual communication practice that provides a path to clarity through graphic recording. Let’s work together to connect the dots, facilitate aha moments, and make your vision a reality.

Connect. Teach. Reveal. Grow.

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